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At Royalty Rewards® we believe in marketing that is measurable, in delivering more than we promise, in honesty, accountability and following through on what we say.  Our mission is to grow your sales and profits, to give you the life you dreamed of when you decided to open your restaurant, like we’ve done for thousands of restaurant owners before you. We look forward to watching your business grow with Royalty Rewards®.


“We joined Royalty Rewards and that skyrocketed our business. I tell people that if they’re on the fence joining Royalty Rewards to go ahead and take the plunge. It will change your life. It will change your business. It will change the way you view everything that happens to you personally. It makes you have more time, more money, more energy, more everything. Join Royalty Rewards.”

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Jamie Guiliano 
Aroma Thyme Bistro, Ellenville, New York


“Royalty Rewards literally saved my business. It has turned us around. It has made my life so much easier and my customers really love it. My wife and I are  able to get away at least one week a year. We take vacations. We take little mini-breaks that we were never able to do before because we were chained to our business. It has freed us up and made life easier. There’s no reason to be on the fence. You need to jump in the water, get your feet wet. This program works and we simply love it.”

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Rick Bendgen
Kenning’s Circle K, Cincinnati, Ohio